Magical Enhancements Announced for the New Disney Wish Cruise Ship


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If you thought we had already learned a lot about the new Disney Wish cruise ship over the past few months, wait! There’s more!  

Disney recently announced new magical enhancements that adults can expect to experience on the Wish! These include a spa experience, full salon, and nightlife entertainment for adults sailing on the Disney Wish.  

This brand-new ship is pegged to set sail for the first time in the Summer of 2022. And it is being designed with more adult activities than ever before! 

All the while, the focus still aims to deliver the signature Disney magic and charm we all love. If what has been announced is half as incredible as it looks, they will more than succeed in their endeavor!  

Let’s take a look at this latest round of magical enhancements. 

Outdoor Oasis at Senses Spa 

The Wish will feature Disney Cruise Line’s first-ever outdoor spa treatment. The experience will include whirlpool spas, plush lounges, and plenty of space for open-air yoga sessions. I don’t know about you, but I feel the stress leaving my body just thinking about a spa day.  

Drawing inspiration from a lush tropical rainforest, the space has a very fresh and natural atmosphere. As someone who finds nature highly relaxing and rejuvenating, I think this theme is perfect for the new outdoor spa space. 

As soon as this spa opens and I have my ticket, you’ll find me relaxing in one of the loungers in the image below, fully suspended in the air.   

Outdoor Oasis Disney Wish
Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If thermal therapy is your thing, then you’ll enjoy other unique features the spa has to offer, like heated ergonomic loungers, sensory spa showers, steam, and dry chambered saunas.  

Untangled Salon 

Tangled fans, this is the place for you! As one such fan, I was blown away by the beautiful design of the salon, complete with floating lanterns, colorful flowers, and stunning gold details. And, of course, Rapunzel’s magic flower chandelier shining above. You may even find some of the princess’ own paintings during your visit! 

You’ll gleam and glow after a visit to this dazzling salon. They will offer a variety of services, including manicures, pedicures, teeth whitening, and skin treatments.  

Untangled Disney Wish
Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Hook’s Barbery on the Disney Wish

This barbershop will be one befitting a devilishly stylish sea captain, featuring dark woods, handsome leather chairs, and ornate golden mirrors. But, of course, what would Hook’s Barbery be without hooks, a special map of Neverland, and even a hidden pocket watch? 

Tinkerbell joins in on the fun as she brightens different light fixtures, hopping from one to the next (she has got to keep an eye on that wily pirate for Peter Pan, after all).  

In true pirate fashion, the barbershop will also feature a hidden bar stocked with a treasure trove of pre-Prohibition bourbons, vintage whiskey and port, aged rum, and premium spirits. This is the ideal atmosphere for low-key hangouts, romantic date nights, hosted tastings, and special evening events.  

Speaking of spirits, what nightlife scene will the Wish have to offer?  

Keg & Compass 

Rich in adventure, romance, and historical touches, the Keg and Compass will be one pub not to miss. The location draws its inspiration from the mystical folklore of the seafaring Norse. From the ceiling to the floor, there will be a grand maritime map that depicts references to ocean lore and homages to Disney characters with stories of the sea.  

Keg & Compass Disney Wish
Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Nightingale’s on the Disney Wish

This classy piano bar was inspired by Cinderella’s tending to her soapy chores and singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale” in her namesake film. It will offer an extensive menu of wines, bubblies, and hand-crafted cocktails.   

A dreamy and elegant location, Nightingale’s will return you right back to this scene in the movie, from the soft and elegant notes to the bubbles flying up to the ceiling. The crown centerpiece will be a glittering chandelier. It features a rose gold swirl of pearlescent bubbles and music notes, which will surely draw gazes from those below.  

The lounge will stem from the fairy-tale-inspired Grand Hall. Guests will be drawn in by the twinkling lights and melodic sounds from within from the large doors.  

The Bayou 

Fun and carefree, the Bayou lounge will transport you to the home of Princess Tiana and now Prince Naveen: New Orleans. It will feature the charm of the magical marsh seen in the film as it flourishes with magnolia blossoms, lily pads, and a canopy of twinkling fireflies above.  

This lively and fanciful location will be easy to find on the ship as it is centrally located. Lovers of live entertainment and musical performances will have a great time while sipping on creative cocktails, specialty coffees, and one of Tiana’s specialties: signature beignets. 

No matter where you go on this ship, it is going to be a hit! The most exciting part is that the creators seem to have nailed crafting spots that adults will love while still infusing it with Disney magic and storytelling in every detail. 

If you would like to know more check out this video from the Disney Parks Blog.

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This article was contributed by Erica Seman of Firefly Travels, she specializes in planning Disney Destination vacations.

What do you think about these new magical enhancements for the Disney Wish? My thoughts, “What more could you “Wish” for?” Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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