Planning a Disney Vacation Yourself vs. Planning Disney with a Travel Agency: What’s the difference?


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Nothing is more overwhelming than trying to plan a Disney vacation for your family – hiring a Disney Travel Agency will make your vacation nothing less than magical.

Disney Travel Agency

1. Hiring can make your travel planning so much easier

You want the most magical experience possible for your family, don’t you? Imagine being able to spend your time being excited for your trip, instead of spending countless hours scouring Facebook groups and blogs for the best deals and tips about what parks to visit and when.

You can read as much as you want, but you’ll always find different opinions – so why not ask an expert?

Not only will a Disney Travel Agency help you score the best deals, but we’ll also help plan your transportation, stay, and experience at the parks to sprinkle a little more pixie dust! The experts at Firefly Travel have years of Disney visits under our belts – meaning we’re knowledgable of all the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Think you might have a chance at finding a better deal? If you happen to stumble upon a deal you want more information about, be sure to mention it to your Disney Travel Agent. Our goal is to make sure we can find the best deal for you and your family based on your unique needs. We’ll compare all the deals and special offers out there in order to give you the best experience possible.

2. Hiring a Disney Travel Agency Elevates your experience at the parks

Once you’re at the park, you’ll want to be enjoying your time with your family, not worrying about the next place you need to be or the best time to arrive to a certain attraction to beat the crowds.

From Dining, to Genie+, to knowing when to get to the parks when and where to go to first – we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to have a great trip.

Dining Reservations can be overwhelming to plan for – especially character dining experiences. With tight windows to book reservations, the competition and demand can be stressful. By hiring a Disney Travel Agency, you can rest assured that your dining expectations will be met wherever possible – without you lifting a finger!

So long to the classic Disney fastpass, Genie+ is here. Genie+ is a paid feature that allows you to skip the line at most attractions, with additional fees for the most popular rides. Sounds like a lot, right? A Disney travel agent will be sure to give you tips on how to get the most out of this new package and how to avoid hidden fees.

3. Expert tips on when to go for weather – and to avoid crowds!

It’s not secret that certain times of the year are much busier than others. A travel agent will give you expert advice on when to avoid the crowds – without sacrificing great temperatures!

It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid the parks around any holiday to avoid crowds. Sure these times of year are amazing to visit to see the decor and special character costumes, but it’s important to prioritize your expectations for the trip.

Summer, spring, and fall breaks are also a very busy time of year with tourists flocking in. This is often due to children being on summer vacation and education professionals having time off.

All that said, your travel agent will be able to work with you and your schedule in order to recommend the best time of year to visit the parks. They’ll also be able to provide limited time deals and offers and suggest attractions to check out based on the time of year you’ll be at Disney.

4. Exclusive tickets, tours, and more!

Disney travel agents get exclusive access to special pricing and are almost always the first to hear about special offers and exclusive experiences.

By hiring a Disney Travel Agency, you’ll have an even more magical experience than you would had you DIY-ed your trip. You’ll hear about exclusive opportunities not known to the general public and make memories that last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts on booking DIY vs. Hiring a Disney Travel Agency

It’s defiently possible to book your trip yourself, and many guests have had success doing so. However, hiring a Disney Travel Agency, you’re guaranteed a trip like no other. Stress and worry free – get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

At Firefly Travels, we do Disney differently. We tailor every trip to your own needs and what your family wants most. So, if you are thinking about planning a trip, contact one of our agents and get started today!

Have you had success booking your trip with a travel agency? Share your thoughts and comments with us below.

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