Is Adventures by Disney Worth the Cost?


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One of the questions guests often ask is, “Is an Adventures by Disney trip worth the cost?” 

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Adventures by Disney is one of the newest vacation options offered by the Disney Travel Company. These exclusive vacations can be once-in-a-lifetime, with adventures both in the United States and across the globe. They offer an all-inclusive experience with most meals and activities included. But these magical vacations often come with a higher cost than you’d typically expect to pay for a Disney vacation. Understanding what makes these trips so different is the key to knowing if the price is worth it! 

Yes, there are adventures for almost every budget

One thing to consider is that The Walt Disney Company offers many different options if you travel to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, or Disney Cruise Line. You can choose a resort type for every budget, from value to deluxe, or even an offsite Good Neighbor hotel in California. On Disney Cruise Line, you can choose from an inside state room to stretch your budget, to a verandah room, up to concierge level with many different room types even in the same category.

In comparison, an Adventures by Disney vacation is a high-end luxury trip. While there are some options available to make your trip more affordable, you’ll never stay in a value or moderate level resort. You’re staying in top-of-the-line accommodations, with exclusive tickets, tours, and events that aren’t available to the general public. And just like there are different types of trips for every budget with other Disney vacations,  Adventures by Disney offers some flexibility as well! Shorter “Escape” adventures, which travel through Southern California and Disneyland,  river cruises, and “Private Adventures,” which have much smaller, intimate group sizes designed for that once-in-a-lifetime experience are all available.

Adventures by Disney Southern California Escape

Typical group size for Southern California Escape – 30 people plus two guides

Investment Trip Type/Length Trip Length, on avg Group Size
$$ Escape/Weekend Getaways Short (2-4 Nights) Large
$$$ Longer Adventures or River Cruises Medium (5-11 Nights) Medium
$$$$ Private Adventures Medium (6-11 Nights) Very Small/Single Family

In general, the smaller the group size and the longer your vacation is, the more of an investment you can expect. Disney understands that not every family will have an Adventures by Disney trip in their budget, and that’s okay. Their focus is more on crafting that truly custom-designed, exclusive, concierge-level experience for those individuals and families who want that. If you’re looking for an exclusive experience, and money is no object, you may lean towards a longer vacation with fewer people or even a private adventure with just your own family. 

And what is the budget, exactly?

The average Adventures by Disney vacation costs approximately $6,000 per person, but this is truly an average of the number and type of vacation offerings. For a shorter escapes, the cost starts at under $2.500, while a longer Expedition to Antartica can cost more than $12,000. The most expensive adventure is the private jet adventure that visits every Disney Park around the world, for a cool $110,000 per person. For our review, we’re going to focus on everything except the private adventures.

Does Adventures by Disney compare to just purchasing a la carte?

On a recent Adventures by Disney Southern California Escape, we ran the numbers. By the time we compared our 4-day park hopper, two night stay at Loews Hollywood, and three night stay Disney’s Grand Californian the gap really wasn’t as much as we thought. Many of the meals, tours, and backstage magic were included, and there were so many behind the scenes exclusives that aren’t for sale to the general public. Our adventures attendees have also been on several VIP tours, and noted that there were exclusives within the adventure that were not available in the VIP tours. When we considered that our cost included our hotel accommodations, most meals, all transportation within the adventure (not including transportation to and from the adventure), attractions, tickets, and guides, the cost was comparable to a la carte!

What makes the cost “worth it”?

Exclusive Experiences

One of the perks that Disney really prides itself on is offering exclusive experiences that are unavailable through other tour experiences. Disney describes their guided group vacations and the Disney Difference as “guided group vacations providing amazing experiences that will create a lifetime of magical memories for you and your fellow Adventurers.” You’ll experience personal adventure guides, cultural immersion, insider access, and VIP moments all surrounded by the Disney Magic you’ve come to know and love.

High-End Details

Every part of the adventure includes high end details. From your hotel/lodging accommodations to your local transportation to exclusive meals and dining locations, every little detail is taken care of, and you truly feel pampered. Even small touches of hospitality are included, from snacks and beverages available between tour stops, to baggage handling and covering your activity/excursion fees.

Adventure-Guided Cultural Immersion

Every Adventures by Disney adventure has at least two adventure guides (with more adventure guides as your group size expands). A least one guide will be local from the area, familiar with and immersing guests in the local customs, daily life, and traditions of the native people. Their personal experiences make the trip much more authentic. They’ll leave a lasting impression on the adventurers as they recall personal stories and share “don’t miss” recommendations. Your guides truly make you feel like family, where no traveler is left behind.

You’ll always have at least two adventure guides, who are local to the area

Done-for-you itineraries and plans, with insider access

Maybe you’re the planner of the family, responsible for booking every activity, Uber ride, hotel space, and dining reservation. Maybe you’re the one one who simply shows up at the appointed time and place. (Don’t worry, there’s one of each in just about every family!) Whichever your planner style, it’s so relaxing to know that Disney has taken care of all of the details. Planned itineraries, meals, and even tips are all taken care of so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. They’ll get you where you need to go, and take care of every step along the way.

So? Is it worth it?

In a nutshell? Absolutely. You’re not just paying for a tour, you’re paying for an all-inclusive vacation adventure. But what you’re coming home with? Memories. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Cultural enrichment. New friends. And an unforgettable experience you’ll want to do again and again.

If you’re used to paying for concierge-level service, OR you’re looking for an exclusive experience, you already know that Adventures by Disney offers exactly what you’re looking for. But if you’re used to staying at a Value resort, or you stay off property, and the cost seems completely out of reach, we think for that special occasion or life celebration, this adventure is one worth saving for!

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