Disneyland Frequently Asked Questions


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How far in advance should I book my vacation?

  • For the best booking options, try to book six months to a year ahead of time – especially if you’re booking during a peak season.

What is Downtown Disney?

  • Located at the Disney Resort in Anaheim, California, Downtown Disney is a beautiful outdoor promenade that features delicious, fun restaurants, upscale shops and exciting entertainment that is fit for any age group.

How many parks can I visit?

  • Disneyland has two amazing parks you can visit: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Disneyland Park is a magical kingdom where you can sail with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses and so much more. Disney California Adventure Park is where the stories of Disney, Pixar and beyond come to life.

Are there vacation packages?

  • Absolutely. In fact, one of the best ways to get the best, most customized Disneyland vacation package is to work with a travel agent who specializes in Disney destinations and is committed to planning a personalized trip that suits your entire family or group.

How many days do I need at Disneyland?

  • A 3-day ticket is typically the most popular, but most Disneyland goers say that a 3-5 day ticket will give you the absolute best experience because you can set your own pace and have the best chance at seeing everything you want.

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