Disney Tips to Not End Up Broke & Broken!


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Hi friends! Here are our top three tips on How not to end up broke and broken on your next Walt Disney World vacation!

One of these tips is something that even the biggest Disney experts are getting WRONG!  I would bet even some of my travel agent colleges are making this big mistake.  (I’m looking at you Joe!)

As avid travelers and Disney travel agents, I have picked up some helpful money saving tips and tricks along the way and I’m sharing my top three with you! Because whatever your financial situation, saving money on travel only leaves you with more money for future travel! Am I right, or am I right?   So, let’s dive right in…

Three Money Saving Disney Tips

#3 Take Kids When They Are Under 3 Years Old

This one makes good financial sense because kids under three are free!  They’re also free on the Disney Dining Plan and can eat off your plate.  But this one really makes my list for the broken way of thinking, “I’m not taking my kid to Disney until they are old enough to remember”. 

Don’t be this person! Do it for you! Create these magical memories for yourself! I promise, the look on your toddler’s face riding Small World or meeting Mickey for the first time, is priceless.

Plus, no other vacation in the world caters to families and with small children more than Disney. Every park has a Baby Care Station.  This is an area that offers private nursing rooms, highchairs for feeding, changing stations, diaper/wipes and other baby needs for purchase.  

Also, most of the rides are fun for every age and for the ones that are more thrilling, Disney offers “Child Swap”, where only one rider has to wait in line, while the other is with the non-riding child.

As a travel agent, I’m often asked, “What is the perfect age to take your kid to Disney?”  My answer is always NOW, THIS AGE.  Don’t wait, little Samantha is only this age once!  You only get one shot of enjoying her at THIS age.   There are only 18 summers with your kids, so start making vacation memories now.

#2  Do Not Use a Disney Credit Card

Yeah, that’s right, you heard me!!!  Stop charging things to the Disney Visa.  I know it’s fun to whip out of your wallet.  It is the cutest of all the credit cards, but there are much better cards that give you bigger returns on your money. 

And guess what friends, cash back or airline miles can all be used towards that Disney vacation.  I know, there are some perks to having a Disney Visa.  Disney sometimes offers promos on vacation packages for card holders only or 10% discounts off merchandise.

But even with these incentives there are still better cards out there to have your money work for you.  And if you were wondering, this is the mistake that so many Disney experts are getting wrong! Make sure you compare the bottom line details of your credit cards!

If you’re not convinced and you’re hypnotized by that adorable Mickey cartoon on it, keep it! You can still be a Disney cardholder, get the perks you love, but do the majority of your spending on a different card.

#1 Split Your Trip Between Two Disney Resorts

For the love of Mickey, someone take me up on this tip!  If your heart is set on a Disney Property that is not in your vacation budget, do NOT give up on it!  YOLO people!  But please don’t go Broke making it happen. 

Split your trip!  When you are spending all day and night at a park, why pay for a deluxe resort?  I say, plan the majority of your park exploring in the beginning of the trip and stay somewhere that’s budget friendly (Disney has 5 value resorts and 5 moderate resorts). 

As long as you stay on Disney property; you still get all the Disney perks and world class service Disney is known for.  When your trip starts winding down and you need a little pool time and relaxation, move to one of the deluxe resorts (Animal Kingdom Lodge is a personal favorite) and live it up like a rock star!

When I mention this, I’m usually met with, “I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to move!” 

Moving takes very little effort.  You simply notify bell services, they get your luggage from your room, you tell them which hotel you are moving to and you are given a claim ticket.  You then go enjoy your day, go to one of the parks and live your best life!  When it is time to return to your new home, your bags have magically been delivered, for FREE!

 I should also mention, in doing this, you and your family get to experience two different properties, different décor, restaurants and pools.  This doesn’t even need to be a money saving tip.  Split your time between two deluxe resorts just for the fun of it.

I hope this gave you some good tips on how to do Disney and avoid feeling Broke and Broken!  If you have any questions or are ready to book your next epic Disney trip, please contact one of our amazing Firefly agents and we’d be happy to help.

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