TOP 4 Reasons Every Disney Expert Should Use a Travel Agent


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Do you consider yourself a Disney expert? Do you think you don’t need a travel agent to help with your planning? Think again!

Many people know that travel agents are a beneficial resource when planning a trip to an unfamiliar destination. But what if you are on your 5th, 10th, or even 20th trip to a place you can’t get enough of, like Disney World? 

If this sounds like you, you’re probably familiar with many (if not all!) of the resorts. More than likely, you’ve mastered finding the best spot to stand for fireworks viewing. You probably haven’t used a park map in years. And, of course, you have go-to snacks and experiences.  

No matter your level of experience, there are TONS of benefits that come with having a travel expert in your corner! Many of the advantages might go to infinity and beyond what you think. 

Here are our top 4 reasons as to why Disney experts should use a travel agent: 

#1 Disney is Ever-Changing 

If you are a Disney veteran, you probably know better than anyone else how quickly Disney can change their policies. As a fan, I know that many of us have news sources we follow. In fact, there are a plethora of sources available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

However, you may have noticed there has been a whirlwind of news recently! Restaurants, attractions, and theme parks have been reopening at lightning speed, with Covid restrictions lessening. Not to mention there are special events in the upcoming months. For instance, the Boo Bash is coming to the Magic Kingdom this Fall. 

disney expert travel agents

As a person who loves Disney and treasures every trip, I know that I want each visit to go as smoothly as possible. A Disney travel agent is dedicated to following this news very closely. It is our job to track these developments. 

If you are booking with a reputable agency such as Firefly Travels, they work as a team and constantly communicate with each other about changes as soon as they happen. This way, you are guaranteed that no matter who is helping you plan, this person is up to speed and ready to help.  

Even if you follow Disney news, everyone has a life outside of vacation planning and other things that demand our attention. No one wants to miss deadlines like booking that popular new restaurant or being first to get tickets to events that sell out in mere hours. 

Additionally, these are reasons why even an expert could benefit by having a person in their corner who knows exactly what is going on. It certainly can’t hurt to have more people keeping tabs on your trip. 

#2 Your Travel Agent Will Take Care of the Trivial 

As a Disney expert, you probably already know what fast passes, park reservations, and park hoppers are. However, waking up at the crack of dawn 60 days before your trip to snag your dining reservations probably isn’t the most magical part of the Disney experience. That’s one way a travel agent helps out. 

Many people don’t realize the extent of things that we offer with our services. Sure, we book your hotel, secure park reservations, and get you your park tickets. But we also meticulously schedule and snag each client’s dining reservations as well if they would like. (And FastPass+ when available.)

So while you are fast asleep at 5:00 in the morning, we are at our computer, all systems go to get that booking for you! 

#3 They Will Advocate For You if Anything Comes Up 

What happens if something unexpected like, say, a global pandemic hits and you are set to go to Disney in a month? Most people do not have time with work, busy schedules, and taking care of their family to sit on the phone with Disney for 6 hours to straighten out a mess.  

Again, this is where a travel agent is truly an invaluable resource. It is our job to step in when things go wrong so that you don’t have to. If anything comes up, all you need to do is reach out to your agent, and we will work hard to make everything right for you.  

With a good travel agency, every client is of utmost priority, and your agent will want to help you in every way that they can. 

4) They Can Help You Branch Out of Stale Routines 

I don’t know about you, but I know that I often fall into routines without even realizing it as a creature of habit. That’s true, especially when it comes to my favorite place on earth.  

I have just my way of doing things, whether starting my tour of World Showcase in Mexico rather than Canada. Or I am always eating lunch at the same restaurant at Magic Kingdom (Pecos Bill, if you are wondering) or riding some of the same attractions repeatedly while passing others by.  

It took me a while to even realize that I did some of these things so often, even as a self-proclaimed Disney Expert! When I stopped to think about it, I realized that I was unconsciously missing out by skipping some other options.

On my last trip I did some branching out and ended up trying some really fantastic new places. For instance, I ventured to a Magic Kingdom restaurant I had never even tried before: Skipper Canteen. It turned out to be fantastic! 

It was well worth it to try something new. This, too, is where a travel agent factors in to help. A person with a vast knowledge of Disney can make some very excellent and sometimes out-of-the-box recommendations.  

A good travel agent takes the time to talk with you to get to know your family and what they do and do not like. It can never hurt to get another opinion. An agent can suggest things that you could end up loving that you may have never thought of yourself to try. They may even get you out of a little vacation rut you didn’t know you were in! 

To sum it up, a good travel agent is so many things wrapped into one: a planner, an advocate, a researcher, and even a friend. They will be there for you from the day you decide to begin planning your trip.

You’ll also find us available through your days in the theme park should anything come up. And all the way until you return home to make sure your vacation turned out to be as fun and magical as planned.

disney expert travel agents

And, of course, we’ll be there for you when you’re ready to do it all over again.  

Erica Seman of Firefly Travels contributed this article. Make sure to contact her when planning your next Disney vacation, as she’s a Disney expert herself!

Some of her other articles include a review of Wine Bar George at Disney Springs, a look at Chefs de France, and a tasty of Raglan Road review.

She would love to help you put together a full itinerary that includes hotel, theme park tickets, and the best Disney dining reservations available.

Are you a Disney expert? Have you thought about using a travel agent? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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