6 travel tips that will have you ready for your next trip!


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Vacation is supposed to feel like… well, a vacation! But with endless packing lists, finding reservations, and choosing where to stay, it can feel like a full-time job. At Firefly Travels, we make your life easier and your vacations more spectacular. And today, we’re sharing our very best travel tips with you!

Travel Tips #1: Pack your suitcase, and then take out half of everything you packed.

Travel light… it’s easier said than done, right? At home, we wear the same three pairs of jeans every day, but for some reason, vacation feels like a magical world where we’ll be expected to make 8 outfit changes per day. So next time you’re inclined to pack 27 pairs of underwear for a long weekend getaway, consider this tip.

Pack your suitcase as you normally would – throw it all in there! Then, take everything out and lay it in front of you. Pretend it’s the first day of your trip (hint: having a pre-planned itinerary makes this much easier!), and pull out what you will need. Go through the steps of getting ready in the morning, getting dressed for the day, and changing for a nighttime outfit. Do this for every day of your trip, and only keep the essentials in pile #2. Bring one extra outfit for last-minute emergencies like flight delays and that’s it; you’re packed!

Travel tips for packing light
Travel Tips #1: Pack your suitcase, and then take out half of everything you packed.

Travel Tips #2: Don’t over-plan your itinerary.

If you’re a planner, it’s tempting to schedule every second of your days on vacation to make the most of your time. And while this certainly makes life easier once you arrive, it often doesn’t leave time to discover the wonders and hidden gems at your destination. Between every item on your itinerary, leave a little window of free time to wander, explore, talk to locals, and take it all in.

Need some help creating a balanced itinerary for your vacation, or some extra travel tips? Get in touch with our travel advisors!

Travel Tips #3: Make sure there’s something for everyone in your group to get excited about!

Whether you’re traveling with a mixed group of friends, a multi-generational family, young kids, or a difficult traveler, it’s important to plan something for everyone. Choose a destination that has the practical things you’re looking for, not just great scenery.

Love to be active while you’re away? Opt for a resort with tennis courts or golf courses. Have kids that crave adventure? Consider a trip to Disney or an all-inclusive destination with a kid’s day camp. If everyone has something to look forward to, spirits will be higher as you navigate airports and wait in the occasional long line. Need help choosing where to go? See what we recommend!

Travel Tips #4: Choose a trip that will maximize your budget!

You can’t talk about tips for travel without mentioning the budget. Every destination has its own price range, but more importantly, you can maximize your budget wherever you are. We recommend choosing what’s most important to you and going from there.

If you don’t plan on spending much time in the hotel, consider investing in day-trip excursions rather than 5-star accommodations. If you’re a huge foodie, look into dining options early in your destination search to find restaurant price points and reservations.

Hint: maximizing your travel budget is a travel agent’s superpower! Get in touch with our team to see what your options are and what to consider. Also, check out this handy currency conversion calculator for international travel!

Travel Tips #5: Consider somewhere you’ve already been, but do it differently.

Rather than spending hours researching new places and trying to figure out how to get there, consider revisiting someplace you already love. We believe you can visit a place 100 times and always have a different experience. That’s why our motto is “Do Disney Differently” – while we specialize in Disney and other destinations, our real mission is elevating trips with new experiences. Plan a behind-the-scenes tour, try a new restaurant, see a show, or bring a new friend.

Want to brainstorm some ideas with us? Get in touch!

Travel Tips #6: Keep an open mind when you travel.

Travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone. Whether you’re trying a new place, tasting a foreign cuisine, riding a scary rollercoaster, attempting to order wine in another language, or meeting new people, keep an open mind. You never know what you might discover about yourself!

Remember: the best adventures are the ones that keep going even when you get home.

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